Alexa Grasso

Esparza trying to stay out of striking range to start the fight. Grasso not doing much to close the distance but winning everytime Esparza steps in. Esparza charged in and got her first takedown attempt. Good guard from Grasso. Esparza able to get her second takedown attempt with a head an arm throw. Much of the same the rest of the fight; takedowns and strong guard with no damage. Not very good takedown defense from Grasso.

Grant Dawson

Dawson aggressively going for takedowns off the bat. Not successful at first and a little stiff with the striking. Able to get takedowns late and win round 1. Dawson able to get the takedown more easily as the fight went on from constant pressure. In round 2, Dawson gets the takedown, takes the back, and gets the sub rather quickly.

JJ Aldrich

JJ Aldrich fought Lauren Mueller at UFC Fight Night: Joanna vs Waterson on 10-12-19. Aldrich opened as a -230 favorite and closed as a -150 favorite.

Aldrich starts the fight using good footwork and crisp punches. Slow first round. Aldrich is getting the better of the exchanges with crisper punches. Aldrich came out very aggressive in round 3.

JJ Aldrich def Lauren Mueller Decision (29-28)

Aldrich 74 sig strikes, 1 TD, 1 pass

Mueller 54 sig strikes, 1 TD

Sabina Mazo

Sabina Mazo fought Shana Dobson at UFC 241: Cormier vs Miocic 2 on 08-17-19. Mazo opened as a -190 favorite and closed as a -145 favorite.

Mazo stuns Dobson with a kick to the body in the opening minute. Mazo then secures her first takedown attempt. Mazo’s ground and pound with her reach is vicious with strikes and elbows. Mazo just continued to piece Dobson up throughout the fight with kick and her jab. Completely in control and never in danger.

Sabina Mazo def Shana Dobson Decision

Mazo 108 sig strikes, 4 TD, and 3 passes

Dobson 33 sig strikes